The Gaston and Orange County Digital Convergence Steering Committees recently continued their work in setting the conditions for modern learning by defining their new instructional model. Their new instructional model also includes a common language for defining rigor and 21st century skills to inform the development of a graduate profile. The instructional model is the catalyst necessary to scale the shift in teaching and learning practices to the modern learning environment at the classroom level. This strategy session helps teams envision how their new instructional model can begin to operationalize those key elements of modern learning at the classroom level across all grades, courses, subjects and content areas.

Members of Gaston’s Digital Convergence Steering Committee collaborate through the Affinity Mapping protocol to synthesize the team’s ideas into big ideas and major components of the overarching instructional model. 

Members of the Orange County Instructional Models Driver Team use the Affinity Mapping protocol to develop their major components and bid ideas of their new instructional model for modern learning.