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Informed by some of the latest work and research from innovators who are rethinking the traditional school model, the Digital Convergence Framework was recently expanded to include the Community Driver. 

The Success Indicators within the Community Driver of the Digital Convergence Framework provide a blueprint for us as leaders to a) expand stakeholder engagement in the future of learning, and b) reach beyond the physical classroom to deliver modern, real-world competencies — connecting each student’s unique skills and interests with opportunities to be successful in the workforce. 

Q1: Have you defined a Portrait of a Graduate (PoG) and updated the skills students need to be successful post-graduation? What skills did your community define?

Q2: If you have a Portrait of a Graduate, how has it impacted shifts in instruction and student experiences?

Q3: How are you thinking about (or are you currently) assessing and identifying student strengths & interests?

Q4: Do you feel that identifying strengths & interests is important for student success? How does or would this information benefit students and teachers?

Q5: In what ways do students in your district currently expand their networks to connect within your local community? How can we as leaders foster these connections and create opportunities for real-world experiences?