Congratulations to Falcon Zone for reaching Stage 4 of Digital Convergence.  The Digital Convergence team met today to review the Community Driver, SI 121:

 The district examines their infrastructure to support students in diversifying their community-based learning opportunities and networks.  

What makes Falcon able to move through the Digital Convergence Framework internally is their command and ownership of the platform and their commitment to goal setting.  During the 2018 National Conference on Digital Convergence, they set a goal to be recognized for reaching a Stage 3 by the next conference.  Hard work, perseverance, teamwork, and the use of goal cycles within the platform allowed them to chip away at Stage 3.  Goal cycles allowed the team to identify priority success indicators and develop success indicator teams to dig deeper into the work.  Even better, when completed, they provide opportunities to celebrate wins.  

Learn more about the Falcon Journey during the June 12th Virtual Leadership Forum.  

In the meantime, enjoy a celebration from the Falcon Digital Convergence Steering Committee.  

The transition to modern learning necessitates influence. Our task doesn’t focus on making people comply w our demands- a passive outcome of leadership- but take ownership of an enduring effort that calls for adopting new habits, behaviors, and systems.
— Dr. Shawn K. Smith

Do you command your Digital Convergence platform?