Effective Remote & Hybrid Learning Models

Deliver high-quality teacher training to meet the unique needs of rural schools & communities – customized to your goals & digital tools.


Staff will quickly learn & apply the best practices of effective virtual instruction through self-paced modules, live sessions, templates, and examples.

How We Support You

Customized Virtual Leadership Coaching and Blended Teacher Professional Learning

Online Modules

Teachers learn and apply the best practices of remote and blended instruction, customized to your needs.

Synchronous Learning Opportunities

Provide live training sessions and breakouts for teachers to quickly get online classrooms up & running.

& Examples

Access customizable templates and learning plan examples to bring effective online classrooms to life –¬†consistently.


Virtual leadership coaching sessions support you in designing & delivering your professional learning plan aligned to your new model.

What Proficiency Looks Like

We will work with your leadership team to define proficiency related to your goals, needs, and digital tools. Then, we will align the teacher professional learning experience to build teacher proficiency at scale.

3 Elements of Effective Virtual & Blended Learning

Classroom Space

Establish a cohesive ecosystem for online learning access at the classroom, school, and district level.

Asynchronous Playlists

Organize activities & resources aligned to a learning target for students to work through independently.

Synchronous Engagement

Facilitate instruction, collaboration, and support for students through virtual, face-to-face engagement.

What Proficiency Looks Like

The online classroom space provides consistency in support & structures for student engagement.
Playlist instructional design focuses on rigor, personalization, and alignment to standards.
A regular cadence of meetings is established for social/emotional support, direct Instruction, and whole group/small group.

The Modern Teacher Professional Learning Platform

Training, Examples, & Templates – All in One Place


  • Self-Paced Modules

  • PL Builder for Customized Modules

  • Micro-Certifications & Badging

  • Coaching & Reflection Tools

  • Resource Library for Templates & Examples

What Teachers Are Saying

“This module was extremely informative as I am trying to figure out how to make my online space engaging and organized. It provided me with great examples, recommendations and information that can be used in my classroom.”

“The consistent concrete examples throughout the learning process have been more than helpful. Being able to begin to figure out how e-learning is supposed to look, feel, and sound has been helpful when trying to figure out how to set up and run my classroom.”

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