Create a community of modern learning in your district that will lead current and future generations of students to success.



A strategic approach to the unification of the education system
to increase organizational alignment and effectively
transform the student experience at scale.

Achieve Stage 3 in the Digital Convergence Framework in 12-18 months.
Through the following process, you will create the conditions
for your entire district to support students who will graduate
with the competencies necessary to succeed.


Digital Convergence

Convergence - when ideas, concepts, and entities inform one another to create a greater whole. When the 5 Drivers of K-12 education converge successfully, the result is a more agile and aligned learning ecosystem. Get an in-depth look at the 5 Drivers when you download the whitepaper below. Access case studies of several Digital Convergence journeys in the State of the Industry on Digital Convergence.

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Our Approach: District-Wide Alignment

Dr. Shawn K. Smith examines the critical elements of the Framework and how they converge to transform student experiences across an entire district: leadership cohesion, alignment of instruction and technology, and teacher professional learning. 

Leadership Cohesion Around A Shared Vision for the Modern Learning Environment

The Leadership Driver of the Digital Convergence Framework brings together the shared vision for modern learning, creates a community around the shared vision, and forms cross-functional teams to plan and achieve the vision at scale. 

Instruction & Technology alignment to establish the infrastructure for modern learning

Instructional Models, Modern Curriculum, & Digital Ecosystem align and remain synchronous in their development to create the district-wide infrastructure for the modern learning environment to take shape in the classroom.

Competency-Based Professional Learning Brings the Vision for Modern Learning to Fruition

Professional Learning brings your Instructional Model to life as teachers learn to facilitate the new learning environment. PL success metrics integrate with district-level success indicators to reach a tipping point of proficiency.

Our Process: Reach Stage 3 in 12-18 Months

As a member of our National Network, Modern Teacher will guide you through our research-proven process to create the conditions for your entire district to support students who will graduate with the competencies necessary to succeed.

Construct a bold vision

What role does your district play in responding to the demands of your community and society for your students after they graduate? Inclusion is key: engage your community in your vision.

Align instruction & technology

What does your vision look like in the classroom? How can curriculum and digital tools support your instructional model? Make strategic plans for how your district will put these decisions into action.

Deploy competency-based professional learning

Equip your site leaders and teachers to personalize learning for every student: deploy your competency-based professional learning plan to bring your vision to fruition.

Become change ready

Prepare district administrators, principals, assistant principals, and instructional coaches with targeted leadership training and the formation of cross-functional teams to lay the groundwork for success.

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Transform the student experience at scale by advancing through the Digital Convergence Framework.