Action-Packed Day in Ephrata, PA

Action-Packed Day in Ephrata, PA

It is always a pleasure to work with the Ephrata team. Last week principals, assistant principals and the DCSC made good use of the flexible spaces (designed by their students) as they worked in groups to develop a Theory of Leadership and Competencies for Leaders. This group really did some deep thinking about what makes a good leader!

The DCSC also shared and got input on the work done over the past 9 months. It was a great opportunity to reflect on and celebrate these accomplishments!

Alongside the leadership team, the TAG (Teacher Accelerated Group) and the instructional coaches participated in professional learning. A big shout out to this group for completing Phase 1 of the face-to-face professional learning. We are looking forward to visiting their classrooms next year as they open their doors so that teachers can see what modern learning “looks like” in Ephrata Area School District!

During the afternoon, the TAG worked with the instructional coaches to plan professional learning for the main field in the 2019-2020 school year. These teachers provided valuable insights as plans were made for the delivery of and access to professional learning for their colleagues. #teachervoice

It was an awesome day in Ephrata, PA! Stay tuned for the work in the 2019-2020 school year…


Rock Hill Principals Meet to Learn About Managing Transitions

Rock Hill Principals Meet to Learn About Managing Transitions

How do we as leaders manage the complex change involved in realizing modern learning environment in our schools? That’s the question that school and district leadership from Rock Hill Schools recently wrestled with in a day-long retreat. Knowing how your staff is feeling about the change and their allegiance to it is hugely important to leading them along the journey.

 Having fun role-playing a staff meeting in which each of Judith Warren-Little's six characters along the Continuum of Collegiality are represented.

Having fun role-playing a staff meeting in which each of Judith Warren-Little’s six characters along the Continuum of Collegiality are represented.

The Future of Bentley

The Future of Bentley

Bentley Community Schools in Burton, MI launched their journey with Modern Teacher this week. It was exciting to begin the journey with this talented, creative and passionate group of educators who truly want to create modern learning environments in all classrooms across the district.

Their desire to create learning environments in which students have the opportunity to explore their interests and passions through authentic learning experiences, while on a path to build competence in the knowledge and skills needed in school and beyond was at the center of the learning, discussions, thoughtful questioning and work done throughout the day. 

The district staff, principals, assistant principals and teachers who are leading the way are committed to supporting teachers as they become risk-takers, collaborators, communicators and active learners in the process to transform teaching and learning in Bentley Community Schools.

The ‘Future of Bentley’ is indeed in good hands! 

Falcon Zone Reaches Stage 4

Congratulations to Falcon Zone for reaching Stage 4 of Digital Convergence.  The Digital Convergence team met today to review the Community Driver, SI 121:

 The district examines their infrastructure to support students in diversifying their community-based learning opportunities and networks.  

What makes Falcon able to move through the Digital Convergence Framework internally is their command and ownership of the platform and their commitment to goal setting.  During the 2018 National Conference on Digital Convergence, they set a goal to be recognized for reaching a Stage 3 by the next conference.  Hard work, perseverance, teamwork, and the use of goal cycles within the platform allowed them to chip away at Stage 3.  Goal cycles allowed the team to identify priority success indicators and develop success indicator teams to dig deeper into the work.  Even better, when completed, they provide opportunities to celebrate wins.  

Learn more about the Falcon Journey during the June 12th Virtual Leadership Forum.  

In the meantime, enjoy a celebration from the Falcon Digital Convergence Steering Committee.  

The transition to modern learning necessitates influence. Our task doesn’t focus on making people comply w our demands- a passive outcome of leadership- but take ownership of an enduring effort that calls for adopting new habits, behaviors, and systems.
— Dr. Shawn K. Smith

Do you command your Digital Convergence platform?

Classroom Shared Visions Coming Alive in Little Falls Community Schools

Classroom Shared Visions Coming Alive in Little Falls Community Schools

It is amazing to see Melonie Brown and Jill Tomala, Accelerated Classroom Teachers from Little Falls Community Schools, building student ownership through “Shared Visions”. Has your district launched Accelerated Classrooms (SI 34) yet?  Share your celebrations with the Network.


 “I love when students can be involved in establishing protocols, ways of being, and WHYS of being–together!” -Chris Grams

 “It was so fun and my students did such a wonderful job!”

-Melonie Brown

 “I thought it was a great experience for the students! Fun to see it build from one question to another”

– Chris Dobis

 “It was exciting to see how the process worked and how well this level (first grade) was able to understand it all!”

-Jill Tomala