The Science of Scale

Personalized, Blended, & Competency-Based Learning

Launching a pilot or cohort of personalized learning and scaling these teaching practices across your school district are two very different efforts. Modern Teacher supports school systems in moving past pilots of personalized learning to full-scale systemic change.

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Building a Personalized Learning Ecosystem

Learn about systems & instructional practices you can establish to transition seamlessly between learning remotely and learning at school. In this series, Dr. Shawn K. Smith will be joined by our nation’s most forward-thinking district leaders as he uncovers emerging strategies for utilizing today’s tools to achieve personalized, blended, and competency-based learning at scale.

The National Standard Framework for Personalized and Virtual Learning at Scale

Who We Are


A National Movement

Our National Network consists of districts nationwide at the forefront of the transition to personalized, blended, and competency-based learning at scale using a shared methodology.


A Proven Framework

From our extensive research on the shift to personalized learning, we have developed a framework that empowers districts to architect and deliver new instructional pathways, at scale.


A Trusted Advisor

Modern Teacher has assembled a team of thought leaders and experts in K-12 change-management who are versed in the best practices of district-level transitions to personalized learning.

Who We Work With


Districts who aspire to transform traditional teaching practices


Systems thinkers committed to real results at scale vs. pilot programs


Leaders dedicated to empowering their staff with a pathway to proficiency

Traditional teaching practices with no conversations about changing

Some conversations about personalized learning have occurred.

Some early personalized learning programs have been started.

Personalized learning practices have been underway for a few years.

All students across the district receive personalized instruction.

As a result of joining our National Network, districts achieve personalized learning at scale.

Hear from the author about how the Framework helps you:


Develop leadership capacity in systems thinking to support personalized learning at scale


Empower your staff with a pathway to proficiency in personalized learning