Hamilton Community Schools of Michigan Tackles Success Indicator #4

Success Indicator #4

Stakeholders have been identified and engaged in activities around the Theory of Action and the construction of the vision of the modern learning environment. This Success Indicator appears early in the Framework because of the importance of securing stakeholder buy-in to Digital Convergence. Recognizing that the value of a community comes from the value of collective voices, the stakeholder engagement process provides an opportunity to continually build a collective voice through guidance and feedback.

Hamilton's Process

Hamilton Community Schools became a Modern Teacher National Network member in September of 2017.  Superintendent David Tebo knew that his district leadership was well equipped to make decisions independently around their vision of a modern learnring environment. However, he also knew that Digital Convergence could not take place when only one team worked in isolation so the leadership team began to identify and include key stakeholders for guidance and feedback in developing this vision. 

David began engaging stakeholders in defining a vision for the modern learning environment through stakeholder engagement meetings involving both parent and community groups. At the same time, school principals held similar type meetings with staff at their campuses. The first agenda item: responding to the needs of society in the conceptual age. Specifically, each group addressed the following questions:

  1. What Are The Demands Of Society In The Conceptual Age?

  2. What Role Does Hamilton Community Schools Play In Responding To Those Demands?

In each meeting, small groups were developed and each small group created a poster depicting the needs of society and Hamilton's role within those needs.  Each small group presented their poster to the stakeholder group, providing further understanding to the needs and responses identified in their vision of a modern learning environment. The open dialogue that followed allowed for stakeholders to voice their opinions and hopes and to project future progress for their community schools.

In crafting a vision together with stakeholders, Hamilton Community Schools began generating understanding and buy-in toward the development of a vision for modern learning. Now, as Hamilton moves forward with Digital Convergence, they are able to reconnect with these stakeholder groups and build off of their journey established together, as a team. 

Below are a few images generated during a few of these stakeholder meetings.