Digital Convergence

5 Drivers Converge for a more aligned learning ecosystem

Convergence - when ideas, concepts, and entities inform one another to create a greater whole. When the 5 Drivers of K-12 education converge successfully, the result is a more agile and aligned learning ecosystem. Get an in-depth look at the 5 Drivers when you download the whitepaper below. Access case studies of several Digital Convergence journeys in the State of the Industry on Digital Convergence.

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Leadership brings together the shared vision for modern learning and forms cross-functional teams to achieve the vision at scale.

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Instructional Models

The Instructional Model unifies design principles of instruction that you would like to see reflected in every classroom across the district.

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Modern Curriculum

The Modern Curriculum Driver provides a pathway for districts to evaluate and redesign the way they build and share curriculum and resources aligned to the new Instructional Model.

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Digital Ecosystem

Digital Ecosystem connects content, tools, systems, and users to form a robust yet dynamic system across the district that supports the Instructional Model.

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Professional Learning

Professional Learning brings the shared vision for the modern learning environment to fruition at scale as teachers become proficient in the new Instructional Model.


ADAPTIVE District Assessment

Benchmark your district's progress and craft a path forward, aligning your strategic plan to personalize learning at scale.

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Got 2 Minutes?

Find out your overall Framework Stage by completing the Quick Score. As you complete it, you'll learn more about the 5 Drivers and how they converge to scale change.


Got 20 minutes?

Take the full Digital Convergence Framework Assessment to find out how your district measures up against the critical Success Indicators of Digital Convergence.