Elizabeth Forward School District, PA

Elizabeth Forward School District has been named a National Exemplar District in Digital Convergence, a designation awarded to school districts and educational organizations who reach Stage 3 or above in the Digital Convergence Framework – a research-based methodology to personalize learning at scale.

Elizabeth Forward is a six-school public school district covering the Borough of Elizabeth and the townships of Elizabeth and Forward Townships in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Through their work in Digital Convergence, the district has created the EF Ignite movement to instructionally transform all learning environments to meet the intellectual needs of students in the Conceptual Age through the following:

  1. Engaging community stakeholders in the future of learning

  2. Revising design principles of instruction to focus on personalized learning and rigor

  3. Delivering professional learning to educators and administrators that reflects a unified vision for modern learning

Elizabeth Forward has reimagined teacher professional learning in the Conceptual Age to equip their educators with the strategy and tools they need to successfully deliver modern, personalized learning experiences to their students. The district has successfully implemented a teacher professional learning plan that uses teacher collaboration to develop new content, and peer coaching to ensure success through shared responsibility and support.

On February 5, 2019, The National Conference on Digital Convergence brought together nearly 300 educational leaders united by a common goal: to serve every student and take our education system into the future with a practical methodology.

Elizabeth Forward School District was honored at the conference during the Digital Convergence Framework Awards Banquet for their outstanding achievement in educational innovation, where Superintendent Dr. Todd Keruskin and High School Principal Michael Routh accepted their district’s Stage 3 trophy.

“Stage 3 represents a pivotal time for Elizabeth Forward as their ideas for the future of learning turn into action. Today at Elizabeth Forward School District, students can expect to walk into a learning environment which looks drastically different than the traditional classroom, and students can expect that their school experiences to directly inspire and cultivate their success for the rest of their lives.”

-Dr. Shawn K. Smith, CEO of Modern Teacher