Future-Proofing Instruction

Discover practical strategies to enhance student engagement immediately, while at the same time building a foundation for personalized, blended, & competency-based learning moving forward.

Maximize Student Engagement Across Learning Environments

Quickly bring effective remote & hybrid learning models to life at scale across your system. Modern Teacher will work with your leadership team to design & deliver a professional learning plan aligned to your district model & digital ecosystem.

Remote/Hybrid Delivery

Provide targeted instruction & support to both remote & in-person learners.

Learning Plans

Anchor learning for all students with activities & resources aligned to a learning target.

Online Classroom Space

Establish an online ecosystem that enables students to access learning anywhere.

Engagement Strategies

Begin to align learning experiences to your hybrid delivery model.


Rotation Block Models

Structuring the Hybrid Classroom

Incorporating Rigor

Alignment to Standards

Foundations for Personalization

District Consistency

Creating a Workflow

Structures for Support & Engagement


Whole Group/Small Group

Standard Operating Procedures

A Foundation to Optimize the Student Experience at Scale

Modern Teacher’s strategic approach is designed to establish support structures that meet the needs of all stakeholders across your system, regardless of where learning takes place.

Student Experience

With structures in place for student equity at scale, your system can begin to incorporate motivation, engagement, and agency into the district model and aligned professional learning. This model can be applied during non-disruptive periods as well to achieve personalized, blended, and competency-based learning at scale.

Student EQUITY

Proficiency in the district model for remote & hybrid learning affords teachers the bandwidth to optimize student equity across learning environments, incorporating personalization & student ownership for all students.


Provide professional learning & support aligned to your district model – incorporating best practices to streamline teacher workflow across remote & hybrid learning environments.


Your district model for remote & hybrid learning is critical to addressing access & consistency across your system to optimize the above three components at scale.

Wherever you are in your work, Modern Teacher can support you in enhancing & reinforcing your online ecosystem to achieve cohesive, anywhere, anytime access to learning.


District Change Management

Build leadership capacity in change management & systems thinking to achieve instructional transformation at scale.

District Vision & Model

Messaging & Communication

Instructional & Technological Infrastructure

Aligned Modern Curriculum & Digital Ecosystem

Messaging & Communication

Leading Change at Scale


Aligned Professional Learning

Support teachers with training & templates
customized to your goals & digital tools.

Self-Paced Online Modules

Learn & Apply Instructional Best Practices

Live, Synchronous Learning Opportunities

Dive Deeper into the Concepts from the Modules

Templates & Examples

Landing Pages, Learning Plans & Hybrid Rotation Models


Professional Learning Platform

Training, Examples, & Templates – All in One Place

Self-Paced Modules

PL Builder for Custom Modules

Micro-Certification & Badging

Coaching & Reflection Tools

Resource Library for Templates & Examples

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