Welcome to the Team, Kate!

Kate Gundry is our newest addition to the MT Team as our Marketing & Sales Operations Intern. Kate grew up in Westchester, IL but has been living in Nashville attending Vanderbilt University for the past few years. Her parents always wanted her to become a lawyer, but eventually, she decided a career in business was more in line with her interests. Kate found Modern Teacher through Built in Chicago and thought it would be a great fit due to her past projects in education and marketing. This summer, Kate hopes to gain experience with forecasting and brand strategy. Her friends will tell you that she has strange taste in TV, but she just think it's eclectic. She loves critically-acclaimed shows, but is also shamelessly hooked on things like Vanderpump Rules and Are You the One?

Network Terminology

We have created a brief glossary to lay some groundwork for our rhetoric about the Network. Specifically, we are migrating away from the term "consortium" which has been previously used to define both groups of people and events. Instead, we are calling these groups of people Regional Networks, and the events where they congregate will be called Regional Leadership Forums. This terminology will of course be agile to future advancements but is intended to create some internal consistency with our network rhetoric.