Moxie Awards Nomination

The Moxie Awards recognize innovative digital/tech companies based in Chicagoland. Please take a moment to nominate Modern Teacher for this year's awards. The deadline to nominate is April 25th. Check out the full nomination rules.

Nominate us for the following awards: 

  1. Startup of the Year

  2. Best Social Impact Startup

  3. Most Disruptive Startup

  4. Breakthrough Digital Company of the Year

Book Distribution News

Paperbacks are in, and we are beginning to fulfill all paperback books in our distribution plan! All requests for books outside of this outline should go to

  • 50 hardcover copies for each Business Development Director (150 total
    • Will be shipped to each BDD once printed
    • Use for sales calls with superintendents/central office administrators (1-2 books per district)
  • 150 total hardcover copies in storage at Denver office for shipment to local and regional events  
    • Will be part of the event planning process
  • 200 hardcover for direct mail campaign to prospective districts 
    • 50 for each region
      • Include a letter from Business Development Director with book
      • Recipient lists will be planned between Marketing & Sales
  • Hardcover or paperback copies to those we owe a book ~50
    •  Will be shipped once printed 
  • 50 paperback for each BDD -  SHIPPED
    • Use for meetings with non-central office administrators or for follow-up where additional copies may be needed for district leadership beyond the 1-2 hardcover books
  • 50 hardcover for current partner districts
    • Will be shipped once printed
  • 15 hardcover to NCDC
    • Will be shipped once printed

Upcoming Events

May 4th - The Greater Columbus Convergence Consortium

The ESC of Central Ohio will host Modern Teacher and a number of regional district leaders at The Ohio State University. Local and regional events that are fueled by the momentous networking power of district leadership proves to be a great way to spread Modern Teacher's value proposition while captivating our target audience in a close setting among their peers.

May 5th - Tri-County Alliance Spring Conference

Shawn Smith will be giving the keynote presentation for a regional event in Michigan attended by superintendents and cabinet members from Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne County Public Schools. This will be a great opportunity to build momentum in the state of Michigan. 

May 16 -18th - National Leadership Forum on Digital Convergence

Modern Teacher will be returning to Kiawah Island, South Carolina in May for our next Leadership Forum on Digital Convergence. Districts of Distinction include Baltimore County Public Schools and Saline Area Schools. Similarly to regional and local events, Modern Teacher leadership forums allow district leaders to thoughtfully pursue the work of transformation with colleagues in a close setting; however, Leadership Forums take administrators out of their day-to-day work setting which we have found to be effective for igniting change initiatives and innovative thinking. 

May 22nd - Southeast Michigan Convergence Consortium