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Our Process


In the first year of partnership with Modern Teacher, you will create the conditions to modernize learning across your entire district. Click the steps below to learn more about our systematic approach to innovation at scale.


Develop Your District’s
Vision for Modern Learning

Create a unified vision for modern learning unique to your district. Develop an identity for modern learning in your district by branding your vision and engaging your community. 


Build The Pathways to
Support  Your Vision

With your Leadership primed for Modern Learning at scale, you're ready to develop the district-wide infrastructure that will connect your vision to the learning experience for students using the latest tools and strategy for instruction and technology innovation.


Incorporate Your Vision into Instructional Practices

Professional Learning brings your Instructional Model to life as teachers become proficient in facilitating Modern Learning. Our competency-based PL integrates with district-level metrics and supports teacher success through coaching & cohorts. This system creates a culture of educators that are empowered to deliver relevant learning experiences for their students.

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Partner With Modern Teacher


Let us know a little bit about you and your district, and one of Modern Teacher's team members will be in touch shortly.

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