Create and lead the modern classroom with
Modern Teacher's technology-enabled Platform.

The Framework and National Network are housed in a cloud-based Platform that connects administrators, principals and teachers with the strategy, know-how and metrics to effectively move a district toward its goals. District leaders monitor progress within the Framework while teachers collaborate and progress through a series of engaging simulations and professional learning experiences customized to your district. 


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Measurable Outcomes

Track progress against our success indicators and your own customized metrics. Recognize and reward your peers while gaining feedback on how you’re doing - from individual teachers’ professional learning to district-wide advancements


Aligned Workflow

Use our success indicators to set measurable goals, align workflow tasks, and see who is working on what at all times.



Community Connection

Access the Modern Teacher Network to connect with educators and administrators nationwide. Our platform connects people and content to give you what you need, when you need it.


Dynamic Content

The Professional Learning experience includes dynamic, customized content including software simulations for training on each district's unique digital ecosystem, best practice in-the-classroom videos, and interactive discussions with teachers nationwide.



Gamified Results

In addition to access to the content and community, teachers receive micro-certifications and gamified stats as they progress through engaging, personalized learning pathways designed for modern teachers.


Right Resources

Access resources designed to support leaders and ensure teacher success with instructional design, delivery, and technology tools.


Start creating and leading the modern classroom.