Modern Teacher Professional Learning

Access ready-to-use & customizable professional learning modules aligned to your district’s goals, needs, and digital tools, empowering your staff with a pathway to create and lead modern learning environments.

What Does Proficiency Look Like?


The ability to articulate knowledge in the context of one’s job. Watch and learn videos. Short, segmented content designed to build awareness and a common language across the district.


The ability to perform a task with ease. Practice and do simulations – short, segmented, relevant application tasks designed to build proficiency with the new instructional model.


Teachers achieve mastery with additional experience, time, and practice. This is pivotal for approaching scale with the new learning environment.

What’s Included

Ready-to-Use Professional Learning Modules

Modern Teacher’s Professional Learning Platform encompasses a variety of Modules which cover best practices relevant to today’s educators.  These Modules include a variety of personalized learning experiences, from interactive activities to self-assessments and coaching and reflection tools.

Customizable Professional Learning Content

Modern Teacher’s Professional Learning Builder allows districts to  create unique Professional Learning Modules using micro-credentials, similar  to those available in the Modern Teacher Platform. This flexibility allows clients to create learning experiences that are personalized to districts’ specific philosophies, priorities and standards.


Professional Learning Modules are organized into two parts, providing participants with the opportunity to earn 2 Micro-Certifications for each Module. The Literacy Micro-Certification allows educators to acquire new knowledge and skills. The Fluency Micro-Certification  allows for application of the new knowledge and skills acquired in Literacy.

Coaching & Reflection Tools

Modern Teacher’s Coaching & Reflection tools initiate a transparent feedback loop that allows coaches to personalize learning for teachers. These tools also provide a non-evaluative measurement of implementation for teachers, principals and the district. The data collected from these tools is accessed using the Modern Teacher platform.

Tracking Progress Toward Proficiency at Scale

As educators complete Professional Learning Modules, their progress dynamically integrates with district-wide success metrics, allowing leadership to easily see the progress towards professional learning goals at the district, school, cohort and individual levels.

Network Professional Learning Resource Library

Share best practices as you develop learner-centered environments and strategies to optimize competency through student ownership. Access artifacts & classroom examples from across the network to guide and inspire your work.

Accelerating the Pathway to Proficiency at Scale


Showcase what personalized learning looks like at various stages of implementation for other teachers.


Lead the shift to a learner-centered culture across the district, and encourage teachers to try new methods.


Inform leadership about how existing programs & practices support your new instructional model.

Blended Professional Learning for Teachers

Modern Teacher Professional Learning creates blended learning experiences for your staff by pairing face-to-face strategy sessions with digital modules at 


During face-to-face professional learning sessions, the accelerated cohort learns hands-on, practical strategies which they can immediately apply in their classrooms. These strategies include ways to increase student ownership in the classroom, how to create a learner-centered culture and how to personalize learning pathways for all students.

Digital-Self Paced

Digital professional learning modules complement the face-to-face sessions with self-paced mastery of the “look fors and listen fors” of the district’s Instructional Model. Teachers build foundational knowledge about the philosophies behind the new strategies learned in the Literacy tiles of each module. Teachers then demonstrate evidence of implementation in the Fluency tiles of each module. After the completion of a module, a teacher earns 2 micro certifications.