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Regional Leadership Forums are designed specifically for district leaders to strategize on best practices for the transition from the traditional classroom to a more modern learning environment.  Collaborate with leaders from districts within your region or your state to create traction and build momentum for this imperative work.


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You're invited to explore the nation's premier methodology to lead
the modern school district. The Digital Convergence Framework, endorsed
by AASA, The School Superintendents Association, provides a step-by-step approach to transition traditional classrooms into more modern,
personalized learning environments at scale.

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Explore the Latest Publications that Define the Nation's Premier Methodology for Personalized Learning.


The Roadmap

The New Agenda gives educational leaders a clear roadmap to personalize learning at scale for their districts by outlining the strategic planning that takes place in the first 3 Stages of the Digital Convergence Framework.


The Tipping Point

In The Shape of Change, Dr. Smith builds upon The New Agenda by providing a “how to” guide for building out the district’s technological and instructional infrastructure for anyone thinking about creating schools of the future.