Thursday, July 27th from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

We believe principals drive school and organizational culture. As such, we have designed this learning experience to ensure that they are ready to lead change initiatives at their schools. This level of stakeholder engagement is a critical component in optimizing existing infrastructure to scale modern learning. Training principals on updated Instructional Models is the primary critical step in equipping leadership to implement modern learning in every school across the district.


Alamo Convocation Center
110 Tuleta (at Stadium Drive)
San Antonio, TX 78207

Lunch will be provided to all participants and guests following the presentation.



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Digital Convergence creates a path toward implementing Personalized Learning Environments in all classrooms.

At the district level, Digital Convergence is the successful intersection of five core Drivers of the education system—Leadership, Instructional Models, Modern Curriculum, Digital Ecosystem, and Professional Learning. The Digital Convergence Framework provides a roadmap for districts to optimize existing infrastructure and resources to support and execute their vision of the modern learning environment.


How does Digital Convergence provide value?

Digital Convergence provides long-term, sustainable value by preventing solutions from becoming obsolete or fragmented by failing to integrate with any one part of the education system. Beginning with Leadership, districts progress through 7 Stages across the 5 Drivers of the Digital Convergence Framework to implement modern learning environments at scale. This progression necessitates a cultural shift to create the optimal conditions for scaling change, after which results begin to manifest in the classroom and remain resilient and agile to future changes and advancements.

Progress through the 7 Stages of Digital Convergence.

Stages 1 - 3

The first three Stages are all about a cultural shift toward a bold vision for the modern learning environment. Existing infrastructure is redesigned, creating the optimal conditions for implementing modern learning across the organization.

Stages 4 - 7


Changes manifest in the classroom and refine over time as teachers become proficient in the Instructional Model.