From assessment to convergence, Modern Teacher
supports and guides your district toward its goals.


District Leadership

Strategy Sessions leverage your district leadership team to create a personalized Digital Convergence plan. Your plan is continuously supported by Modern Teacher Concierge Services, including conference calls, webinars, and account management to ensure success.



We believe your principals drive school and organizational culture. As such, we’ve designed a series of learning experiences to ensure they are ready to lead this change.



Teachers collaborate and progress through a series of engaging simulations and professional learning experiences, built on the best-selling book Teacher as Architect and customized to each district. Instructional Coaches or Lead Teachers receive additional training to help support all teachers.


Define your district's starting point.


This assessment tool will help you identify where you are on the path to Digital Convergence and where you need to go next. Once completed, you will receive customized reporting from a Modern Teacher Team Member to start your School District on its path to Personalized Learning.