Increase organizational alignment, leverage technology solutions, and achieve personalized learning at the district level. 

Personalized learning instruction offers pedagogy, curriculum, and learning environments to meet the individual student’s needs. The experience tailors to the unique learning styles and specific interests of different learners. In a personalized learning environment, students take responsibility over the time, pace, path, and place of their learning and focus on strengths. The benefits of personalized learning are innumerable, but barriers at many levels of K-12 education prevent its development and implementation.

Single-point solutions do not work.

Despite the accelerating rate of technological advancement creating the potential to personalize learning on a massive scale, superintendents and educational leaders are turning to single-point solutions that provide temporary benefits but fail to meet their district's long-term systemic needs. Single-point technology solutions aimed at modernizing classrooms may produce islands of success, but without a unified vision and actionable goals at the district level, the modern classroom cannot be fully executed. 

Professional learning needs to address the adult learner. 

When 21st Century education encourages students to collaborate, embrace technology, and develop digital literacy, why should professional learning for teachers be any different? Professional learning for teachers faces the same barriers to overcoming the antiquated learning environments of traditional classrooms. Teachers need professional learning environments which allow them to take ownership in their own learning in order to create and lead the modern classroom for their students. 



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