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Annual Membership with Modern Teacher


Leverage the strategy, community, tools & resources to lead your entire district to modern learning - guided by a dedicated Strategy Officer and supported by Modern Teacher’s team of thought leaders in K-12 change management.




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A Methodology

The Framework

Modern Teacher developed the Digital Convergence Framework to provide a researched-based blueprint to effectively modernize learning across your entire district. The Framework aligns your district across six key Drivers to create a culture of innovation and with a birds-eye view of district progress.

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The Network

The National Network creates unparalleled relationships among the most transformative school districts across the country - providing a hub for like-minded districts to collaborate and shape a successful future for K-12 education, nationwide.

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Tools & Resources

The Platform

Analytics support strategic decision-making and turn insights into action during the process. Manage and chart your district's progress with Success Indicators and Key Strategic Milestones while collaborating with the National Network.

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Trusted Support

A Dedicated Strategy Officer

Your district's work will be guided, supported, and advised through on-site and virtual strategy days by a dedicated expert versed in the best practices of district-level transitions to Modern Learning.

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Partner With Modern Teacher


Let us know a little bit about you and your district, and one of Modern Teacher's team members will be in touch shortly.

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