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Instructional Transformation at Scale:
The Key Strategic Milestones



Join us for a 45-minute webinar on best practices to build district-wide teacher proficiency aligned to your strategic plan and portrait of a graduate.


June 12th | 3:00 pm EST


District of Distinction

Discover the key strategic milestones in National Exemplar District School District 49, Falcon Zone’s journey to incorporate their vision for modern learning into instructional practices at scale.

D49, Falcon Zone has been named a National Exemplar District in Digital Convergence for reaching Stage 4 in the Digital Convergence Framework. Through their work in Digital Convergence, Falcon Zone has created the EmpowerFZ movement to lead the district to modern learning at scale.


Actionize Your Strategic Plan &
Bring Your Portrait of a Graduate to Life

The Digital Convergence Framework provides the methodology, resources, and support to modernize learning at scale. This virtual forum will take leaders through the following milestones to effectively integrate your district's vision for the classroom of the future with professional learning.


Forum Facilitators


Dr. Shawn K. Smith

As the author of The Digital Convergence Collective Body of Work, Dr. Smith will moderate the discussion and draw connections between the outstanding work of Falcon Zone and the first three Stages of the Digital Convergence Framework.


Sue Holmes

As a practitioner and leader in Digital Convergence at District . 40, Falcon Zone in Colorado, Sue will showcase the milestones that have enabled Falcon Zone to effectively integrate instructional and curricular innovation with teacher professional learning.

Lisette Casey

As the Strategy Officer for Falcon Zone’s Digital Convergence journey to modern learning at scale, Lisette will guide discussion between audience members and our panel about Falcon’s work and the Digital Convergence methodology.