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Every district has rockstar teachers using groundbreaking new methods which enable their students to reach deeper levels of learning. How can we achieve this at scale – across our schools, our districts, and across our education system nationally? 

Modern Pedagogy


Puts the Student at the Center of the Learning Process


Infuses Emerging Technologies Seamlessly into Lesson Design


Promotes Complex Thinking Patterns Whenever Possible

Dr. Shawn K. Smith

Education Futurist & Author of the Digital Convergence Series

“As we step foot into the new decade, what will distinguish our most talented educational leaders from others will be the speed at which they are able to support & develop a workforce proficient in modern pedagogy.

A teacher workforce proficient in modern pedagogical practices will undoubtedly produce graduates able to compete at the highest levels in what will then be Midcentury America.”

Supporting Modern Pedagogy, at Scale


Develop Your Leadership Team's Capacity in Systems Thinking


Empower Your Staff with a Pathway to Proficiency in Modern Pedagogy

We Designed an All-In-One Solution to Achieve Scale

Through annual membership, access the right tools & resources built on over a decade of research.


This powerful tool allows you to chart & manage progress in a unified way across your district to achieve scale.


The Framework comes to life in our online platform along with the tools to organize & support your journey.


Receive training & support from our team of experts in change-management leadership & personalized learning.

Professional Learning

Access ready-to-use & custom PL modules to build teacher proficiency at scale. 


Connect & collaborate with districts nationwide both virtually and in person at our annual national conference.