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Personalize Learning Across Your District

Join the Network, use the Framework, collaborate in our Platform, & effectively personalize learning at scale.

The Digital Convergence Framework

Named the Nation's Premier Methodology for Transitioning Traditional Classrooms to Modern Learning Environments at Scale by AASA


Digital Convergence

A strategic approach to the unification of the education
system to increase organizational alignment and effectively
personalize learning at scale. 

The Digital Convergence Framework housed in our
online platform dynamically integrates with
proficiency based professional learning, district-level
success metrics, and key strategic milestones
to chart your journey and achieve your goals.


ADAPTIVE District Assessment

Benchmark your district's progress and craft a path forward, aligning your strategic plan to personalize learning at scale.

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Got 2 Minutes?

Find out your overall Framework Stage by completing the Quick Score. As you complete it, you'll learn more about the 5 Drivers and how they converge to scale change.


Got 20 minutes?

Take the full Digital Convergence Framework Assessment to find out how your district measures up against the critical Success Indicators of Digital Convergence.

The National Network

Join the fastest growing network of educational leaders crafting an innovative yet practical path forward for K-12 education.

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Over 50 districts, 1,000 schools,
& 1,000,000 Students

Modern Teacher's National Network is drastically changing the way we as an industry think about leadership alignment, instructional design, curriculum content & access, deployment of digital tools, and teacher professional learning.

Collectively, Network members create a united voice to create traction, build momentum, and synthesize best practices for personalized learning at scale. Individually, network members transition traditional classrooms into modern learning environments across their entire districts, in every classroom.

Fraser Public Schools, MI 

Fraser Public Schools has fully realized a culture of Time, Pace, Path, and Place Learning at scale. This means that students are becoming increasingly more motivated to take ownership of their learning, and teachers districtwide are afforded the flexibility, know-how, and resources to personalize learning for their students.

Baltimore County Public Schools, MD

Baltimore County Public Schools have redesigned their curriculum to reflect their new Instructional Model and focus on critical thinking and analytical skills. In 2017, the district saw their modern learning initiative (Students & Teachers Accessing Tomorrow, or S.T.A.T.) translate to increased student achievement in standardized testing.

Colonial School District, DE

In 2017, Colonial School District developed the core values of their Instructional Model to design, support, and personalize meaningful learning experiences, dynamic instruction, and a learning-centered culture. Colonial also achieved significant milestones in the Modern Curriculum and Digital Ecosystem Drivers, focusing on content and accessibility.


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The Roadmap

The New Agenda gives educational leaders a clear roadmap to personalize learning at scale for their districts by outlining the strategic planning that takes place in the first 3 Stages of the Digital Convergence Framework.
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The Tipping Point

Coming soon - In Dr. Smith's latest work, he explores how data visualization can help alleviate the barriers to the modern learning environment and how educational leaders can use the Framework for both diagnostics and best practices.

Delivering the strategy to Personalize Learning at Scale

The traditional classroom of the 20th century continues to exist in the U.S. This is due not to a lack of technological or pedagogic innovation, but to gaps in organizational and industry alignment that prevents innovation from impacting today’s school buildings. Modern Teacher aims to enhance the unification of the education system, the student experience and, most importantly, improve student outcomes.



National Conference on Digital CoNVergence

FEBRUARY 4-5, 2019


The Platform

Network Collaboration, Proficiency-Based PL, and District Success Metrics to Achieve Scale

Manage toward your goals
based on metrics.

The Digital Convergence Framework dynamically provides leadership a birds-eye view of progress across the entire district based on the completion the Success Indicators.

Access resources from
the entire National Network.

Leverage the information and collaboration opportunities available through the Network, and showcase Key Strategic Milestones along your Digital Convergence journey. 

Professional Learning:
Focus on Teacher proficiency.

When 21st Century education encourages students to work collaboratively, embrace technology, and develop digital literacy, why should professional learning for teachers be any different?

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Transform the student experience at scale by joining the National Network of school districts advancing through the Digital Convergence Framework.