Transform Traditional Classrooms Into Modern Learning Environments.


Transform Traditional Classrooms Into Modern Learning Environments.


Through our proven framework and national network, we help school districts create and lead the modern classroom. 

Modern Teacher works with school districts that seek to transform their traditional classrooms into more modern learning environments. Our nationally-recognized methodology and network of district leaders from across the country, all housed in a cloud-based platform, provide the tools to design, construct, and manage personalized learning environments.

Digital Convergence: multiple components of the education system
unifying to form a greater whole.


Connect with fellow district leaders at an upcoming event. 


Learn about sustainable technology aligned to your instructional model as well as ways to increase organizational alignment. Modern Teacher is expanding the National Network and inviting district leaders to connect and collaborate on the journey to student-centered, personalized learning through consortiums, workshops, and webinars.


The Need

The Need


K-12 education needs a methodology for
achieving personalized learning.


The accelerated rate of technological change is surpassing the industry’s ability to adapt - preventing schools from realizing the potential of personalized learning and digital technology. In response, district leaders are turning to immediate, near-sighted solutions that fail to meet the needs of their district and provide any long-term benefit. Given these challenges, district leaders need a revolutionary approach, a methodology, to keep K-12 education at the leading edge of technological advancement in order to best prepare 21st century students.



Read the Latest Findings from the State of the Industry Report, 2016-2017 School Year

To receive the full report, take the Digital Convergence Framework Assessment


The Solution

The Solution


The Digital Convergence Framework & National Network provide a methodology for your district to achieve results at scale. 

  • Increase organizational alignment.
  • Implement sustainable technology solutions that adhere to your instructional model. 
  • Create measurable outcomes and back your vision with metrics. 
  • Collaborate with district leaders nationwide on solutions to the most compelling questions facing K-12 education today. 
  • Utilize professional learning that focuses on teacher proficiency. 

Modern Teacher's National Network and Digital Convergence Framework are housed in a cloud-based platform and provide a methodology for your district to achieve its goals in creating and leading the modern classroom. The National Network allows you to access insights and collaborate on solutions with district leadership from across the country. The Framework gives you a birds-eye view of work focus across your district and allows you to manage your change initiatives by providing measurable results. 



The Digital Convergence Framework guides districts through seven Stages across five categories. Districts begin with a self-assessment to determine their starting point and work in partnership with Modern Teacher to progress through their customized path toward Digital Convergence. Your district will track progress against our success indicators and your own customized metrics.  


The Framework and National Network is housed in a cloud-based Platform that connects administrators, principals and teachers with the strategy, know-how and metrics to effectively move a district toward its goals. Administrators collaborate and track district progress, while teachers engage with a series of professional learning experiences with personalized and blended coaching in each district.  


Strategy Sessions leverage your district leadership team to create a personalized Digital Convergence plan. Your plan is continually supported by Modern Teacher Concierge Services, including conference calls, webinars, and account management to ensure success. Instructional Coaches or Lead Teachers receive additional training to help support all teachers. 

New book uncovers path to personalized learning for educational leaders.

Best-selling author and Modern Teacher President, Dr. Shawn K. Smith provides the practical path to personalize learning used by some of today’s most prominent and innovative educational leaders. 

The New Agenda teaches educational leaders how to do the following:

  • Think strategically about the unification of the education system to personalize learning effectively 
  • Identify the processes for building a strategic plan
  • Understand the interdependencies of learning management systems, digital content, and digital tools
  • Design and develop a digital ecosystem
  • Implement processes for writing a digital and/or blended curriculum
  • Develop short-term and long-range professional learning plans for all employees in the school district



The Impact

The Impact

Celebrating Districts Nationwide for Achievement in Digital Convergence


Districts across the country are using the Digital Convergence Framework to transition traditional classrooms to modern learning environments. See how some of our partnering districts have achieved Personalized Learning through Digital Convergence with the support of Modern Teacher. 


Achieve Personalized Learning

Achieve Personalized Learning

Define Your
Starting Point

Our assessment tool will help you identify where you are on the path to Digital Convergence and where you need to go next. Once completed, you will receive customized reporting from a Modern Teacher Team Member to start your school district on its path to Personalized Learning.

Start The

Send a consultation request, and one of our team members will be in touch with you shortly to discuss where your district stands currently and start to define your unique vision, goals, and path toward successful and thorough modern learning implementation. 

Connect With
District Leaders

Educational leaders across the country turn to Modern Teacher Leadership Forums to discuss Digital Convergence. Learn what peers are focusing on in their districts to create and lead modern learning environments, refine your vision for your school district, and turn this vision into actionable goals. 

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