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World-Class Framework for
Scaling Personalized Learning


Put Your Strategic Plan into Action & Bring Your Portrait of a Graduate to Life, at Scale.

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Modern Learning at Scale

Our Approach

The Digital Convergence Framework provides a blueprint for systematic alignment across your district to modernize learning at scale. The Framework is housed in our online change-management platform and consists of 7 Stages across the below 6 Drivers, with actionable steps and key strategic milestones to chart and manage your journey:

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Single-Point Solutions Become One


AASA, The School Superintendents Association named Modern Teacher's
Digital Convergence Framework the Nation’s Premier Methodology for Transitioning
Traditional Classrooms to Modern Learning Environments at Scale.

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Instructional Transformation at Scale

The Digital Convergence Framework provides the methodology, resources, and support to actionize your strategic plan and bring your portrait of a graduate to life across your entire district.

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Annual Membership with Modern Teacher


Leverage the strategy, community, tools & resources to lead your entire district to modern learning - guided by a dedicated Strategy Officer and supported by Modern Teacher’s team of thought leaders in K-12 change management.




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Thought Leaders in K-12,
Experts in Change Management

Digital Convergence in Action

The Collective Body of Work

Meet the author of the Digital Convergence Framework.

Become change ready with leadership alignment.

Build your district’s instructional and technological infrastructure.

Develop a proficient workforce to modernize learning at scale.

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The Roadmap

The New Agenda gives educational leaders a clear roadmap to personalize learning at scale for their districts by outlining the strategic planning that takes place in the first 3 Stages of the Digital Convergence Framework.
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The Tipping Point

In The Shape of Change, Dr. Smith builds upon The New Agenda by providing a “how to” guide for building out the district’s technological and instructional infrastructure for anyone thinking about creating schools of the future. Combined, these books are recipes for modernizing the American education system.
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 The National Conference on Digital Convergence

February 3-4, 2020 | Phoenix, AZ

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About Modern Teacher


Modern Teacher is dedicated to developing a common language and practical methodology for the district-wide transition to Modern Learning. Rooted in research, we deliver the strategy, tools, and community to support our mission: empowering educational leaders to make learning relevant for all students and teachers.


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